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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, Part 15 (bi-high school)It's kind of a turn-on that so many of you were impatient for the next
chapter; hope this doesn't disappoint.__________Experimenting 15_________________Jeff was on his way over to Ricky's, kicking rocks off the sidewalk as he
strolled. His cock had been hard ever since Gary and Greg had left, which
was going on 45 minutes now, and it was starting to hurt. Wait a minute,
he thought, it lolitas preteen sites models had actually been hard for longer than that, because even
though he had come once when they were there it had been hard going back as
far as when he started looking through Greg's Penthouse, and before that it
was at least a little hard because he was THINKING of looking at the
Penthouse. Jeff wasn't really worried yet, though; because of the helpful
information offered in the Cialis and Viagra he knew he had four hours
before he had to go see a doctor because of a constant boner. He wondered
what happened if it was longer than that; maybe it fell off or something.
The thought made him wince and grope his dick through his shorts--it was
hard as iron, and felt bigger than ever to him. Well, he thought as he
continued to fondle himself, I'm for sure now gonna see if Ricky wants to
really fool around, not just show dicks. Assuming arousal was a
prerequisite to that being a sure thing, he had Greg's Penthouse in his gym
bag.As he mounted Ricky's front steps, he became a little concerned that maybe
Ricky's parents hadn't left yet--he knew they planned to go out, but wasn't
sure when they were leaving, meaning that he'd potentially have to be a
little careful of the obvious protrusion in his shorts. As he rang the
bell he put his gym bag in front of his pants. To his relief, it was
Ricky. "Dude," he said, dropping his bag to his side and entering."Dude," responded Ricky, almost immediately noticing the obvious bulge in
his friend's shorts. "Did you bring me a hot dog, or are you just happy to
see me?" he chuckled.Jeff reddened and put the gym bag up in front of his pants
again. " know, these things happen sometimes..."Ricky was all too aware that this was true, as his own penis had for some
reason started lengthening at the thought of his friend's nearby erection.
He reflexively brushed his hand over very young lolita sex the front of his baggy basketball
shorts, which did not go unnoticed by Jeff's current highly tuned sex
sense. Jeff, however, decided that although an encouraging development, he
didn't want to come on too strong right away and scare Ricky away. "'Chup
to? "'Rents home?" he asked nonchalantly."Nah, nobody's home. I been out back hangin' my uncle's old Starship
Enterprise model from the tree. I thought we could shoot at it with my
dad's pellet gun." Ricky's uncle, Jeff knew, was kind of a weird, nerdy guy
in his early 30's who was still single and living above Jeff's Grandma's
garage.This sounded very fun to Jeff, and was the first thing in some time to take
his mind off sex, even a little, and he felt his aching penis relax a
little. "Cool!" he enthused, "Does your uncle know you're doing this?""Nah, but the thing's been in the basement for about 3 years--I think he
forgot about it. I say we bust it up and www lolita model com
then I'll like bury what's left
of it or something and he'll never miss it.""Well, come on, son, let's do it!" Jeff insisted, and was surprised to find
that the anticipated excitement of destroying the Enterprise had reawakened
his erection, which was again tenting out the front of his shorts big time.
Considering Ricky's reaction before, this time he decided not to try to
cover it and see what Ricky said. They piled out the back door and Jeff
saw the spaceship swinging slowly in the tree at the back of the yard, the
pellet pistol sitting on the picnic table by the door. "Lemme do it first,
ok?" asked Jeff, reaching for the pistol. When Ricky reluctantly agreed,
Jeff moved into position about 20 feet away from the model, held the gun in
both hands like he had seen cops do on TV, and squeezed off a shot. There
was a POP sound and Ricky could hear the pellet smack against the fence at
the back of the yard, meaning Jeff had missed ls models lolitas child completely."Fancy shootin, Tex," noted Ricky wryly."Bite me," responded Jeff, "I'm takin' another," and as he raised the gun
again, this time turning his body slightly to face Ricky before taking
aim. Once again, as Jeff turned, Ricky noticed the unmistakable bulge of an
erection in his friend's shorts, and again found his own sex swelling
quickly in reaction. `What's the deal,' he thought to himself--`why is he
boned up, and why am fresh lolitas pics nudes
I getting boned up seeing it?', although Ricky
remembered when he and Jeff had compared boners, and he had an almost
overwhelming desire to reach out and touch his friend's...maybe that could
happen again, he thought with some excitement.POP went the gun again, and smack went the fence, indicating another
whiff. "You suck at this," said Ricky, not without some enjoyment. "Gimme
it."Jeff sadly handed over the search www lolitafucker com gun and sat on the picnic table top where Ricky
had been, watching as Ricky took careful aim and...wait--was that a tent he
saw in Ricky's pants? As Ricky carefully squeezed the trigger Jeff zoomed
in and determined that yes, that was definitely a boner, and a pretty
obvious one at that. He decided to throw caution to the wind and see what
happened.POP went the gun and crack went the plastic of the large lower pod beneath
the circular command deck, causing the ship to swing jerkily in the tree.
"Ha!" said Ricky, turning to look at Jeff triumphantly."Does that thing help you aim?" asked Jeff with a slight smile, indicating
the protrusion in Ricky's basketball shorts.Ricky looked down as if aware of his erection for the first time then,
smiling, thrust the gun out in both hands along with his pelvis, bringing
his hardon into clear relief. "It's my magnetic rangefinder," he said. "I
noticed your rangefinder was up too, but I don't think yours works.""Maybe it search www lolitafucker com needs some adjustment," said Jeff, "How come you got a boner?""How come YOU got one?""I asked first.""You HAD one first, and I got one `cause you got one," admitted Ricky as he
went to sit beside Jeff on the tabletop. They both leaned back on the
table and pressed up slightly with their hips, pushing their erections
straight up. They both stared for several moments at the other's crotch,
then Jeff said "Yours looks really hard...take it out.""HERE?" said Ricky, astonished."Why not?," said Jeff calmly, "There's nobody around."Ricky looked lolita pedo sex models around skeptically, but to his surprise found he agreed with
Jeff; due to the arrangement and density of bushes and trees at the
perimeter of the property, they were only visible from his own house and
one neighbor's upstairs window, but he was old and never went upstairs.
Satisfied, he pulled up the leg of his baggy shorts and stretched open the
leg of his briefs until four plus inches of penis popped out into the warm
summer afternoon, not quite as long as Jeff's but a little thicker. It
stuck upward at about a 45 degree angle, with a rounded pinkish red
mushroom-like head that was larger than the shaft. The shaft itself was
somewhat lighter than the head, with a noticeable purple-blue vein running
down the topside. His preteen lolita kids sites
balls were medium sized, about the size of bing
cherries, and the sac was pulled tight. There were about 5 dark search www lolitafucker com hairs at
the very top. "Hey," exclaimed Jeff disappointedly, "You got some hairs
already."Ricky was silent for a moment, not sure what to do next, then said, "So you
don't, huh? Let's see."Jeff's shorts weren't as baggy as Ricky's so he had to unzip, but he gladly
did so--it appeared that his wish was about to happen, and as a result his
cock was very hard when he thrust it over the waistband of his boxers,
causing Ricky to involuntarily suck in his breath and say "Wow--yours looks
really long." Without thinking Jeff took hold of his shaft and started to
stroke himself slowly. Ricky was mesmerized by the action, his penis
twitching with each heartbeat. As Jeff noticed Ricky staring at his cock,
he decided to go for it: "Wanna touch it?" he said softly.Ricky started as if shocked, looked at Jeff's face, and then gently reached
his hand out and traced the faint circumcision scar along the bottom of
Jeff's dick, causing it to flex strongly when his finger reached the tip.
Ricky smiled when it did that, then wrapped his hand around the shaft and
began to jack it at the same slow tempo that Jeff had been. "Another guy's
feels different," he noted. Whether or not that was meant to be permission,
Jeff reached over and started rubbing Ricky's bulbous knob. Ricky flinched
at the initial contact but then gasped as the intensity of the feeling of
someone else's hand on his cock washed over him. His hips immediately
began a slow pumping motion as Jeff's hand slid lower on his shaft and
began to jerk him off in earnest. "This feels really good," he said
haltingly, "I mean, like REALLY good."Jeff just smiled. "How often do you do this to yourself?"Ricky thought for a moment, his hips moving a little faster now, and said
"Maybe like...huh...once a week or's
feels really gooood...hey!" he whined as Jeff removed his hand from his
throbbing cock, his hips pumping the air in frustration. "How come you
stopped?" he said pitifully.Jeff responded by standing up and taking his underwear and shorts all the
way down and off, his cock hard as cement and poking almost straight up,
the head barely two inches from his stomach. "I stopped because I want to
do something better, but we probably shouldn't do it here in case somebody
goes down the alley. We should really be totally naked to do it, too. Can
we go inside?"Ricky's only response was to drop his shorts off also, his cock red and
trembling, and head for the back door, his white rockhard butt twitching in
front of Jeff as he walked. Jeff followed his up the steps, noting with
interest how he could see Ricky's balls move back and forth with every
upward step. As they went into Ricky's room, Ricky pulled his t-shirt over
his head and turned to face Jeff, looking a little pissed. "So what's
better than what we were doing? I was really really close to getting the
feeling and my dick kind of hurts now."Jeff paused before answering taking in the picture of his naked friend. He
didn't think he was gay, really hadn't thought about it, but considering
how he felt when he was fooling around with Gary and Greg and how hot he
thought Ricky looked in front of him, with his trim hips, flat smooth
stomach and rigid, throbbing cock, he thought it wouldn't be all bad if he
was. He pulled his polo shirt over his head and enjoyed how Ricky's eyes
scanned up and down his own naked body before saying, "Sit on the bed over
there, shut your eyes and sort of lean back.""Why do I have to shut my eyes?""Just do it, ok? I promise you'll like it."Ricky assumed the position, still looking a little unhappy, but within a
moment after his eyes were closed Jeff's warm, wet mouth descended over his
rampant penis, causing small white lights to explode behind his eyelids and
he felt the best thing he had ever felt. "MMMMMhhhhhhHoly shit," he gasped
as his hands touched Gary's hair at his lap and his eyes snapped open to
see his friend lovingly sucking him off. lolitas 12 yo pics "Ohhhhh, you're
right...uhhhh...this IS better," he moaned as his hips fell into a rhythm
with Gary's mouth, pumping up as his head came down until he wasn't sure
where his cock ended and Gary's mouth started. At that moment he felt his
orgasm start to rise in his extremities, stronger than it had ever been,
until his cock swelled to bursting and he actually screamed
"AUGGHaaaahhhhhh...ohhhhh...ohhhhh...ahhhhh" as his penis throbbed and
contracted almost painfully at least ten times before the ecstasy started
to subside.Jeff kept sliding his lips along Ricky's hard shaft like an overheated
person on a popsicle until Ricky pushed him away--he couldn't believe how
cool it was to have a cock in his lolitas 12 yo pics mouth; the shaft was so hard but the skin
was so soft, and the head was so spongy and springy. He didn't give a shit
what anybody else thought--he intended to do this as often as he could. At
that point he became aware that his own cock and balls were absolutely
aching--he needed to come, really bad, and started to masturbate himself
frantically, but before he could get a rhythm going Ricky stopped his hand
and replaced it with is own. "I want to do what you did to me--sit down
here," he said, indicating the bed with his hand. Jeff sat, but as Ricky
got up to take his place on the floor in front of him he noticed that
Ricky's penis was either again or still fully, pulsingly erect, and Jeff's
mouth started to water with desire for it."Wait," he said breathlessly, "You lay down facing this way, and I'll lay
down facing that way, and we can do each other at the same time." As
desperately as he needed to come, his desire to have a cock in his mouth
was almost as strong. The boys arranged themselves as Jeff had suggested,
and as soon as their cocks touched each other's lips they inhaled them and
began passionately fucking each other's faces. Within less than two
minutes, Jeff felt the congestion in his loins reach critical mass and his
penis seemed to explode, straining to expel its nonexistent load but no
less intense because of that, over and over until his head filled with red
fireworks. As he regained his senses, he noticed that Ricky's penis was
still hard but no longer pumping into his mouth and that Ricky was looking
over his hip toward the door.Where Ricky's sister Beth stood leaning against the doorway, wearing just a
short tank top, her eyes wide but glassy and her middle finger deeply
buried in her swollen pussy, her right ankle raised off the floor, heavily
wrapped in an ace bandage.
Obviously to be continued, right? Keep those notes of encouragement
coming! I love to hear what parts you like best.--A
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